The Moroccan jewelry

Morocco has an old history of crafting jewelry that remains today. For several years, the Jewish community of Morocco increased. they were the artisans who made the jewelry because the Muslims would not work with silver and gold for religious purposes. The Jews and Berbers were married together resulting in a lot of Berber Jewish tribes.

Moroccan jewelry is unbelievably stunning, exotic, and exceptional. Walking through the fabulous markets and avoiding the jewelry stands is impossible for any traveler. Berber jewelry represents tribal customs. The jewelry of the Berber woman was and still is a significant part of her dowry. Atlas tribe photos show women with big amber necklaces, silver coin headbands, hinged silver bracelets with unique symbolic patterns. Necklaces also include talismans and semi-precious stones.

The hand is a common sign for warding off the evil eye. Today, the significance of this legacy is still alive. It is one of the richest expressions of the culture and style of Morocco.

Moroccan jewelry characteristics

The more you look at Moroccan jewelry, the more you’ll start noticing tribal, authentic, original, and traditional designs or patterns.The pieces are very unusual and you will be told the history of the item by the owner or artist. Similar to what you may find in Moroccan Markets, There are loads of options ranging from Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and stunning Berber broches in Moroccan interior design company as well.
Southern jewelry is made of bronze or copper or both. women usually wear silver or bronze ornaments with floral or geometric designs. women also used to wear fibula jewels On their dresses, their chests, and as hair ornaments. The fibula is also a silver triangle carved and filled with colored stones used to stabilize the “Selham” or burnouse ( a cloak) hanging.

The “Nbala” hinged bracelet is often crafted with elegant and colorful designs in the South Atlas. Jewelers in Tiznit, Tafraoute, and Inezgane sell old and unique pieces that are considered unusual art pieces. Also, Taroudant is well worth a visit too.

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