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Moroccan lamps: upgrade your interior design

Moroccan lamps

Are you trying to give your home or exterior a little glamorous and exotic touch? Moroccan lamps may be exactly what you’re looking for. These lamps have a long history that reflects the mixture of many cultures such as African, European, Persian, and Indian. Although These mystical Moroccan lamps radiate a  rustic feeling they still bring a sense of otherworldliness. These lamp’s elegance is fully admired when lighted in a darkened room. Light reflects creates a stunning “starry” cloud via detailed metal cutting designs and colored glass.

The design of Moroccan lamps originates from Moorish and Moroccan architecture. Throughout history, Morocco has received cultural input from Arab, Persian, European & Sub-Saharan Africa because of its geographic location, which served as a cultural medium for their fusion. This fusion is beautifully expressed in the lamps‘ distinctive design.

The Mughal emperors introduced Moroccan lanterns to India along with other marvels of architecture. In the city of Moradabad, founded in 1625 AD by Rustam Khan under the emperor Shah Jahan, Moroccan lamps found their home in India. Moradabad, also known as Pital Nagri (Brass City), has contributed to the flourishing of this art in India with its prominent brass craft industry.

Find your favorite type

floor lamps

The traditional Moroccan pendant lamps are made out of tinted stained glass and rustic brass or wrought iron metalwork. The structure of the metalwork can be highly intricate and even awe-inspiring. Traditionally, these lamps are designed to carry candles/ tea lights. Blue and amber are two of the most common colors used in Moroccan lanterns.However, most of the vibrant lanterns are made up of a lovely mixture of exuberant green, red, yellow, and orange colors.

floor lamps

Moroccan floor lamps are another type of Moroccan lamps. These Moroccan floor lamps are hand-painted with henna dyes and made of dyed goatskin spread over an iron/brass base. Decorating lamps were a kind of ‘Baraka in the ancient Islamic tradition.Baraka refers to divine wisdom and blessing passed on from Heaven. Artisans were cautious not to disobey any of their religious rules, which prohibited them from painting human beings.So you’ll see symbols, abstract shapes, and patterns of nature instead. These compositions were commonly considered to ward off evil spirits and shield the beholder. For example, the fish pattern symbolizes water, fertility, and wealth. The lizard or salamander indicates a seeker for light from the sun or the human soul. These Moroccan lamps give lighting a more subdued feel compared to stained glass lamps.

Moroccan Lamps – A New Home Décor Favorite

Moroccan lamps are a wonderful way to give your indoor and outdoor style the right exotic touch. These fascinating hanging lamps can bring any space to a special tone and ambiance. They can also add a sense of elegance to home areas that are often overlooked, such as stairs, bookshelves, corners of the floor, and entrances to the home.

Additionally, lamps provide a gorgeous enchanting effect By diffusing the light through the colored glasses and perforated lenses. For areas where relaxing is essential.For instance:yoga studios or Japanese gardens, this peaceful light makes it an excellent choice.

Moroccan lamps have become a modern favorite Decorative light piece in the world for both their incredible light and conventional effects . Moroccan interior design suppliers offer a superior range of Moroccan Lamps. As leading wholesalers and suppliers of Moroccan lamps.we offer authentic Moroccan lighting by making it modern to complement new styles

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