Moroccan Cups

It’s quite normal and kind of a personal thing to have your own favourite cup or mug, in which you like to have your morning coffee, or between meals your evening tea, anything you drink tastes much better in the right Moroccan cups.

Choosing the perfect set of cups depends on one’s needs and preferences, however, the teacup or mug that you drink from, plays a big part in how your tableware and set goes along with your overall look. Selecting a new set of Moroccan cups gives you the opportunity to purchase something both useful and beautiful. Whether you’re planning to buy a new collection of glasses for a wedding, replacing your current cups, or restocking, investing your time into finding the right set of  cups and Moroccan plates will allow you to enjoy a luxurious representative table with friends and family occasions every day for years to come.

Moroccan cups are perfect for keeping the original taste of your drink and they can be used not only as cups but also as decorative objects, candle holders, and small vases.

Traditional Moroccan CupsTraditional teacup

Traditional Moroccan cups are small, holding just a few mouthfuls of tea. so when you’re enjoying your drink, it won’t go cold before you finish it, and the perfect amount, even when you are drinking strong infusions.

Ideally, cups are wider in shape at the top, with an even angle to the bottom, garnished with beautiful inscriptions and colors.

As for Moroccan cups with a handle, they’re also versatile, Sip your tea or coffee with Moroccan style, use the beautifully handmade cup from different materials like ceramic, porcelain clay, glass, and brass, and decorated with striped painting, jewels, and glitter.

teacups or mugs are all handmade and painted with healthy natural substances. Made to retain heat for longer and to be pleasing on the lips.

There a wild range of  Traditional cups and teaware on the local markets, and also sold online, and where personal preference might play a large part in your choice, it is worth the effort, considering the impact that it will have on the taste, the aesthetic, the hospitality and the enjoyment of your drink the Moroccan cups can provide.

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