Moroccan Carpets

Moroccan Carpets

 Moroccan carpets culture is wildly unique and different from those of the Orient. Moroccan people were always conservative towards their cultures. The nomadic and the Berber tribes preferred to stay away as far as possible from all central powers and cultural exchanges.

The artisanal power of the Moroccan carpets lays in the simple tools, materials used, the eye-catching designs and colours that are remarkably related to the family who made the carpet. Hence, the sophisticated textile culture, the techniques, and the skills used to make the Moroccan carpet. These techniques are well earned with time and practice. as it might seem shocking but it is true, none of the local handweavers got and professional or academic training in the carpet making. it is all by instinct and talent, that these people manage to provide the world with some incredible pieces of textile work in the name of carpets.

The Moroccan carpet weaving process

The Moroccan carpet weavings process depends mostly on female culture, influenced by pre-Islamic spirituality, and magic rather than on formal traditions. a delicate reflection of their imaginations hopes fears, and dreams on weaved wool, transforming few stripes into beautiful and powerful expressive decor items.

At first, the purpose behind these carpets was only for home necessities and to satisfy the functional and existential needs of their families, typically to give warmth on the cold days, to cover the beds, and to add an artistic relaxing mood to the household.

Nowadays the purpose behind using the Moroccan carpets trespasses the home necessities into some other decorative and aesthetic purposes.

Eventually, you can use these sophisticated carpets to complement your home, enjoy the long-lasting material and the eco-friendly carpet and the feel that adds with its charming colors and symbols, stylish addition for sure, to break the ordinary décor and update your interior with a bit of art statement in every glance. Have fun with an instant luxurious feel that pops up when you incorporate hand-knotted rugs in wool into an interior of modern appeal.