Moroccan Bathroom

Moroccan Bathroom

We cannot stop admiring the luxurious Moroccan style interiors.

This time, we are going to talk about the beautiful Moroccan bathroom, unlike any other bathroom, the Moroccan bathroom is so prideful and luxurious, with all of its details, it makes the feel like they’re bathing in a royal spa with natural essence and a delightfully relaxing experience.

The majority of home decorators and designers agreed that: a bathroom, to consider as sophisticated and fancy, must have tiles on both walls and floor.

Moroccan bathroom tiles

The secret of Moroccan bathroom tiles is that they combine both of the aesthetic features and the basic functionality you need for a perfect bathroom. Bathroom tiles resistance to water and stains is one of the important factors to consider while choosing tiles. Then come the durability and longevity. Which guaranteed with our tiles to last longer than any other bathroom tiles?

Now if you think to go all classic and edgy modern Moroccan-inspired Bathrooms, we offer you a nice collection of ceramic tiles with Matt finish for bathroom for floors, this tile has a high absorption for water, they are easy to clean and come in various colors and patterns. As for the shapes, there are infinite options. All have the same quality standards.

Bathroom Mosaic tiles

Another additional distinct Mediterranean flavor to turn your modern bathroom into a serene personal retreat is the bathroom wall mosaic tiles are handmade with clay or cement tiles adorned with intricate geometric patterns, bright colors. We make the glossy tiles with abstract motifs and natural colors. Also, the glazed finished tiles with motifs inspired by the oriental ornament and Victorian artistry.

Besides the mosaics, the Moroccan bathrooms are also distinguished by the beautiful cement tiles on both bathroom tiles on walls and floors. Not to mention, they’re eco-friendly and handmade from cement and clay, and other stones, to make them harder and more resistible for tough conditions (weight, heat, and moister).

Besides the bathroom tile installation, with their watery effect and the beautiful colours of sea-inspired also comes in different forms for a cosy bathroom. You can also play with decorative tiles colours and create waves of undersea scenery inspiration. And add some Moroccan cultural element from the Berber heirloom like a lantern or some decorative candles with brass work, an ornates mirror.

Along with the other vintage decorations, you may add to your Moroccan bathroom plasterwork on the walls and floor. this kind of decoration as is usually used in the old Moorish bathrooms. You can also use carved wood doors and brassware, as a result, you’ll have at the end your Luxurious contemporary bath exotic and fabulous decor additions.