Choose the best Moroccan baskets

Moroccan baskets

Street markets may be one of the wonderful places in Morocco. There are markets on every corner, loaded to the brim with the country’s sights and sounds. Similarly, locals and tourists spend hours wandering around the aisles picking fragrant spices, hand-knitted rugs, Moroccan baskets, and thousands of other treasures.

Moroccan baskets are just the thing to have on hand when going shopping. Again and again, you will find yourself reaching for these functional and trendy baskets. Here’s what you need to learn about these straw baskets, plus some of our favorite Moroccan baskets from Moroccan interior design suppliers.

What Are Moroccan Market Bags?

Moroccan baskets are traditionally made out of wicker and have a long strap. They are available in many forms and silhouettes. Others are worn in a cross-body style, and others have handles to hang on to. Many seem like purses, while some are more like baskets. For any and all, there is a style and form!

Where Can I Buy a Moroccan Market Bag?

Surely, you can buy these market baskets in Morocco’s markets! however, you can also easily find these baskets online if you are dreaming of Marrakech and want to add a little Moroccan fashion to your everyday life. check our Moroccan basket’s catalog at Moroccan interior design company.

Straw baskets are extremely versatile and helpful for so many things. These baskets are both trendy and handy to have on hand if you need to pick up any items while shopping, or need a way to tote your laptop when traveling. Here are a couple of our favorite Moroccan baskets from Moroccan interior design suppliers.

Moroccan baskets: French Market baskets

These Moroccan baskets are great for carrying things to the beach or for a picnic with a basket full of snacks. It’s an oversized bag, so, whatever goodies you desire to carry will surely fit. Plus, some have four straps, so you can wear them in various ways, which is always cool.

Moroccan baskets: Handbag baskets

This one is another great option. It’s a light, sturdily made in Morocco. The tote was handwoven by artisans in Morocco and is designed to comfortably bear heavy loads. This bag will bear the load whether you intend on stocking up on the market or when shopping!
In addition to all the above, these Handbag baskets come in a variety of designs and styles to fit your aesthetic while adding an exotic spark to it.

Moroccan baskets: Pom Pom baskets

Take a look at Instagram and, you will probably come across this one warn by fashion influencers in all sorts of ways. The unique design helps the bag to be compact enough to carry objects while making a fashionable statement due to its Pom Pomed designs.

Straw Clutches

This straw clutch is the perfect mixture of practical and pretty. It is certainly on the smaller side, smaller than a real Moroccan basket. However, this straw clutch can be handy if you need somewhere to carry your cash or stash small things like jewelry or cosmetics.
So there you have it! Load up on a Moroccan basket or two, and enjoy your daily life with a touch of Moroccan aesthetic.

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